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Light's Fragmented Tears
Looking through the darkness, my light shines in tears.
It rips through all the shadows encasing half of my heart,
and takes it away to oblivion, where I know it is,
but it can no longer harm what I know I fight for.
The light. I see... almost too clearly... this is it.
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Saudade by Wolfgirlinfinity Saudade :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 0 0 Infinitely Me by Wolfgirlinfinity Infinitely Me :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 0 0
Gotta Think About It #1
Now I know I'm not the first one to think of this, but it's still pretty revelation worthy. We all know how Roxas and Naminé were created, when Sora Sacrificed himself near the end of KH( :'( ), his body and soul created Roxas and Naminé, while his heart turned into a heartless, then later into a walking Heart thanks to Kairi(thank you KHinsider). Although we know Roxas is Sora's Nobody, and Naminé is Kairi's due to her heart being in Sora at the tone, we still gotta remember, they were both technically made from Sora's body and mind. So Sora's Sacrifice created 3 incomplete beings, all three of which are completely cognizant with their own thoughts. But how? Usually when your heart is released, your body turns into a Nobody, while your heart's darkness creates a Heartless, and the heartless isn't supposed to be able to think, but by show in KH, it could be concluded that Sora's could, regardless. Sora's mind and body created 2 separate Nobodys that are completely unrela
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ShadowShoveler by Wolfgirlinfinity ShadowShoveler :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 2 0 Wolfgirlinfinity by Wolfgirlinfinity Wolfgirlinfinity :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 1 0 UnravelledSky by Wolfgirlinfinity UnravelledSky :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 2 1 Destiny by Wolfgirlinfinity Destiny :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 0 0 Another Story by Wolfgirlinfinity Another Story :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 0 0
Breaking Down: Roxel
Once upon a time KH logic decided it wanted to fuse with DBZ logic to make Roxas and Axel go back in time and because of a series of events that can be explained in DBZ logic, Axel and Roxas fuse together using the potara earrings and then traveled back to his own time because of KH logic. He then realized that it was a bad idea so he went back in time to stop his past selves and because of SkyHigh and KH logic logic he loses his memory and is converted into a baby. Past Axel and Roxas find Roxel and take him to Naminé where she finds his memory chains, but instead of fixing then she gives the memories to past Axel and Roxas, so they decide to raise him as a completely different person without telling him of his past so he can have a new future, and decide to never go back in time, but because of DBZ logic Roxel doesn't disappear :p
Next time: the much more difficult to explain: Soku
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Where is? by Wolfgirlinfinity Where is? :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 1 2 Darksearcher/Lurker Keyblade by Wolfgirlinfinity Darksearcher/Lurker Keyblade :iconwolfgirlinfinity:Wolfgirlinfinity 1 0
The Darkest Minds Fanfic 1
The Darkest Minds Fanfic 1
I know how long I stayed there. They don't. Only the others.
"Cole. Thank you, again. For picking me up, I mean." I say to him, from the passenger seat.
"No problem. Lee is going to freak." he answers, and I sigh, remembering my brothers. They all knew our sister had died, and I had disappeared. They eventually caught up to me and I was sent to Thurmond. I didn't die like the rest. "If you don't mind me asking, what color are you?"
That's the thing, I do have a problem. I knew from when Cole had saved me from that... sticky situation... that he was a Red somehow--his furiousness will haunt my dreams for a while--and from what he told me, Liam is a Blue. I shake my head, not wanting to answer.
My loss of control while using my powers makes me hesitant to use them, and I can't have people trying to make me. I learned when I used them to get out of the camp. The terror on the peoples faces before I got to them was devastating. Finally, I ask my question.
"And th
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Oh my God. I haven't been here in forever! For anyone new here, my name's Hikari and I'm very bad at editing :D
The things you know when you pay attention can surprise people.
See ya around.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Name: Hikari
Age: Unknown
Fragment #3
Element: Light
As a dark fragment of the X-Blade, heart is therefore pure darkness, however her manipulation over light allows her to take properties of the subject of her control. Youngest in physical appearance.


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